Monday, 4 June 2012

Top five: Eyeliner Pencils

With eyeliner being big news this season, I thought I'd share with you five of my favourite organic pencils to help create those strong, structured lines and Marilyn inspired flicks.

Here are my Top Five organic eyeliner pencils (and crayons!):

Inika Eyeliner
Inika - Eyeliner

A super creamy liner that applies easily and without drag. Available in 8 shades, it has great staying power and is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes (and comes with a handy sharpener too!).

Priced around £11.75

Lavera Trend Soft Pencil
Lavera - Trend Soft Pencil

For those who love a traditional Kohl pencil, it is a little firmer than the rest but is easy to blend and available in 3 colours.

Priced around £9.50

Terra d'Oc Kohl 
Terra d'Oc - Kohl Liner

I have mentioned this one in a recent post, but I love it and so, just for good measure and in case you missed it or want something more than a pencil liner, here it is again!

Priced around £13.95

Organic Glam Mineral Eyeliner
Organic Glam - Mineral Eye Pencil

Not the cheapest of the organic eyeliner options but well worth the expense. It is smooth and creamy and available in 3 different shades.


Une Absolute Blacks Kohl
UNE - Absolute Blacks Kohl

A great soft and creamy liner if you are on a budget and available on the High Street too!

Priced around £5.29


  1. Do you know any natural/organic eyeliners in a felt tip pen? I mean like the Steela stay al day one, but with natural ingredients? :)

    1. Hi Sanna
      Thanks for getting in touch. The only one I can think of is by a company called Eye Of Horus (link below). Although not organic is is pretty clean, so may be worth a try.

  2. Are any of these eye pencils water proof?? coz i tend to avoid water proof cosmetics..

    1. None of them are specifically designed to be water-proof. The Terra d'Oc crayon is relatively water resistant but this is due to its waxy consistency rather than water-proof ingredients. You should be ok with all of them.
      Thanks for getting in touch

  3. thinking about the Terra d'oc eyeliner but wondering how easy it is to take off and also you mentionned it never really sets. Does that mean it smudges loads. I seem to have a real problem with make up sliding off my face, particularly eyeliner and mascara...Id love one that stay put

    1. Hi
      The Terra d'Oc liner is lovely. By not setting I mean it doesn't take on that dry appearance after application, it remains fresh and 'un-set' looking (if that makes sense?) It won't slide down your face however if you rub it it will move - obviously all eyes are different and products work one way on one person and another way on another but I have never had a running problem with it.
      I hope this helps
      L x

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  5. 1. Which one, if any, of these are good for the inner eye lid? I'm looking for a white one, too!
    2. Can you recommend a liquid eye liner for cat eyes?

    1. Hi Carolina
      Most should be fine on the waterline, you could try Benecos too - they do a white one.
      There are some great liquid liners on the market too. Heres a link to my post -
      I probably use the Couleur Caramel one most frequently.
      I hope this helps
      L x