Monday 13 August 2012

Brushes: Louise Young Cosmetics

Although not an eco brand in its conception the Louise Young brushes are still a lot more ethical than most. As an experienced Make-up Artist Louise has produced a range of extremely high quality brushes that work for professional Make-up Artists and regular consumers alike.

As you know I have a make-up brush obsession and these are without a doubt the favourites of my collection and make up a large proportion of my (somewhat extensive) brush kit.

The brushes are handmade here in the UK using traditional methods, with the handles made from kiln dried beech and birch. The wood used is sourced from forests protected and certified by the Forest Stewardship Commission (FSC), an independent organisation who promote the responsible management of the worlds forests. The FSC certification ensures that the wood is from verifiable sources and has been responsibly harvested with as little environmental impact as possible.
LY20 Super Fan
Louise uses both synthetic Taklon and natural hair bristles. As a Make-up Artist I find that there are still occasions when a natural hair brush works better, however I always ensure that the hair has been sourced in a humane way. The LY natural hair brushes have animal welfare in mind and have been carefully and responsibly sourced to ensure that no animal has been harmed or killed for their hair.

The range of brushes is phenominal, with 47 individual brushes in the range. In addition to this there are three brush sets; two short handled sets which, packaged in a beautiful presentation box include 3 brushes and a stylish brush roll and an 8-piece full size set.

Even with such an extensive range, I do have my favourites. Amongst them are the LY34 Super Foundation; a truly luxurious multipurpose brush which I use for applying foundation, both cream and powder blusher, bronzer and powder. 

Another favourite is the LY20 Super Fan. I have spent years being frustrated by the ineffectiveness of fan brushes and was overjoyed when I discovered this much, much larger number - it is brilliant! Another couple worth a mention are LY39 Domed Shadow, LY38 Tapered Shadow and for perfect eyeliner, the LY24A Superfine Liner.

This extensive collection is so well thought out that it is possible to pick and choose the brushes according to your own requirements; enabling vegans for instance, to avoid the natural hair ones yet still ensuring a complete and comprehensive range of brushes in your kit. 
LY32/N Brush Set

Prices for the individual brushes range from as little as £6.00 for a mascara wand to the £36.00 Super Powder. The two short handled brush sets are priced at £35.00 and the 8-piece at £67.00. Although a little more expensive than most, I can genuinely say (as someone with a lot of brush experience) that they are well worth the investment.

Available in the UK from Louise Young Cosmetics

Louise Young has been a highly successful Make-up Artist for over 20 years working in film, fashion, television and theatre. She regularly makes up some of the most famous people in the world and also lectures in media make-up throughout the UK. She has written HND and BTEC National Diploma courses in Media Make-up and currently contributes to various TV and radio programmes as well as working on some of the most popular films and TV series in the country.


  1. I love my Louise young brushes they are such good quality and work well! I can't wait to get some more!

  2. Also I was wondering the other day about them being animal hairs and where thay had come from, as I knew the wood came from a good place but wasn't sure about the hair, so I'm glad you have now reassured me with this post!

  3. So pleased you share the love! They are beautiful.