Monday 6 July 2015

Weleda Insight Day 2015 - Part 2

Last week I shared the first part of my recent visit to the Weleda headquarters in Derbyshire. Without further ado, here is part two...

Lunch was a filling affair; a freshly made salad box was accompanied by crisps and delicate sandwiches and followed by cake (chocolate and orange in my case). The interlude gave us a chance to reflect on the morning, drink in our surroundings and chat amongst ourselves and with some of the Weleda staff.

Then afternoon then kicked off with a talk on sensitive skin by pharmacist Zoe.
The Original Garden
Skin awareness was key to the talk and the realisation that we don't actually notice our skin unless there is something wrong. There is not official definition of sensitive skin yet 50-60% of women say they have it, however only 15% actually have a clinically diagnosable sensitivity (i.e. psoriasis)!

There are many factors that can contribute to skin being prone to bouts of sensitivity. I could now go into a quite protracted spiel on the anatomical make-up of the skin, how sensitivity manifests itself and how we can minimise it, but I won't. I will share this fact though...

In a lifetime we shed approximately 8 football pitches worth of dead skin.

I frequently work in football grounds with one of my regular clients and so believe me when I say that is a lot of dead skin!
Just some of the many Weleda products
Following on from  the skin talk was the nattily titled NPD story. New Product Development. Kay from the Weleda Sales department gave us an overview of the products which are to be released over the coming months. There are some great products on the horizon, so without further ado, here goes...

This year Weleda have already launched the award winning Evening Primrose Age Revitalising collection (Evening Primrose being metaphor for ageing women). 

The face and body range is designed for those over fifty-six years of age; this isn't a precise or random number but a guide based on the seven year cycle of the skin. Evening Primrose has a multitude of benefits for ageing (or any) skin, it revitalises; strengthens; gives intensive nourishment; increases elasticity and adds radiance. All in all an ideal choice for a lead plant.

The (approximate) seven year skin cycle theory carries through the entire skincare ranges and they break down like this...

Iris Hydrating Facial Care - Extra moisture for skin up to the age of thirty
Wild Rose Smoothing Care - Reduces fine lines in skin aged thirty to forty
Pomegranate Firming Facial Care - Reduces the signs of ageing for skin aged forty+
Evening Primrose Age Revitalising Facial Care - Enhancing skins radiance for ages fifty six+
Almond Soothing Facial Care - Restoring the balance of sensitive skin at any age

Also to come this year...

July - 30th Anniversary of Calendula Nappy Cream (inc. celebratory packaging) 
Having now left the world of nappy changing behind (not something I am particularly sad to see go), I don't really have much use for this but it was a staple in our baby change bag at the time. 
Did you know that there are seven whole calendula flowers in each tube? Or that one tube is sold every ten seconds!!
Calendula Nappy Cream
August - Release of the Arnica Sports Shower Gel
Adding to the soothing, pain relieving Arnica collection, this is a first for Weleda as it breaks away from the cream formulations they are so famous for. An invigorating, stimulating and relaxing combination of lavender and rosemary, I received one of these in my goodie bag and I can assure you it smells divine!

September - Almond Sensitive Body care Range
Lovers of the almond facial range will be excited to hear about the launch of the bodycare collection. Produced using biodynamically grown almonds from Spain, Weleda are adding to the stable with a hand cram, body wash and body lotion. I also received the latter in the goody bag and I can assure you it is beautifully light and absorbs quickly.

October - Christmas Gift Range
I can't believe I am writing this but yes, we are talking about christmas! Look out for prettily printed kraft boxes made from 100% recycled card packed full of travel and sample sized products. There will also be some super cute christmas tree hanging baubles! Prices will vary from £5.00-£55.00.

Coming Soon...
If all that isn't enough you will also be able to get your hands on foot and nail treatment kits (complete with socks or gloves) and a winter survival kit containing the fabulous SkinFood and a Lip balm.


As with last year I thoroughly enjoyed my trip and after two fabulous years I am still looking forward to more, so fingers crossed I receive another invite in 2016!!


  1. Such a fun day! Lovely to meet you and chat :) Xx

    1. Wasn't it?! What a ball. So lovely to meet you too - long over due :)
      L x