Monday 23 June 2014

My Festival Beauty Essentials

The sun is (currently) shining and the wellies are on standby. It can only mean one thing. Festival time!

With one of the worlds biggest music festivals starting this week and despite the British weather, festival goers have started packing their tents and stocking up on paracetamol ready for a long weekend of music, fun and frivolity.

Although I am fairly certain that I won't be attending any festivals this year (I do have my eye on a local one...), I thought I would put together a list of a few natural beauty essentials that are a must if you are planning to attend a festival this summer.

As you know I am a big fan of packing light and taking minimal products when I go anywhere, so I have chosen products that not only do the job but are lightweight and where possible, are great multi-taskers too!

Skin and SPF

Being out and about much of the day, protecting your skin in vital. When you are lost in the moment listening to your favourite act or standing in line for the burger van, it is easy to forget how exposed you can be and how quickly your skin can catch the sun. Avoid getting a lobster-like glow and slap on the sunscreen first thing and carry it in your bag, reapplying whenever you get the chance (waiting in the queue for the loo is a great time!).

My sunscreen of choice for daily wear is Jason's SPF20 Natural Facial Sunscreen, it is super light on the skin and works on all your exposed bits - not just on the face! If you are looking for something with a little more protection then go for Juice Beauty CC Cream. It has an SPF30 and offers the added benefits of evening out uneven skintone and textures and gives you a little extra coverage so you don't need to pack a foundation. Don't forget a little Hurraw SPF Balm on your lips either!

I generally try to avoid using facials wipes unless absolutely necessary but at festivals I think you have to be prepared to relax a little and sticking to a full routine is generally not on the cards. As well as keeping down the weight in your backpack, wipes are handy to freshen up with throughout the day when things get a little sticky. My pick would be the Neal's Yard Remedies Facial Wipes, not only do they remove the most stubborn of make-up, the beautiful lavender scent is calming and soothing. A great budget alternative would be New Bloom Gentle Facial Wipes from Amie Skincare.

If do catch the sun then do make sure you slap on a bit of Aftersun as this will help soothe the damaged skin and provide essential hydration. I love Organic Children Aloe Vera Lotion & Aftersun by Green People. Great for all the family, not just the small ones and it works well as a general body lotion too!


Festival make-up is all about being relaxed and low maintanence but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun in the process.

Using a CC or BB cream may mean you can forgo the foundation but you may still need a little concealer to hide tell tale signs of a late night or any blemishes which may appear over the course of the weekend. Essential Care's Natural Mineral Concealer is great for just shoving in your bag and Circle Delete from Jane Iredale is another easy to use and light to carry option.

If you can't bare to be parted from your eyeshadow for the whole weekend then check out these handy tubes of shadow from Studio 78 Paris. Not only do they save space and limit the chances of broken pressed shadows or mess making, they also contain an applicator so no need for eyeshadow brushes! Alternatively go for a cream shadow such as Mesmorize Eye Colour Treatment from Vapour Organic Beauty or (if you can cope with the weight of a glass jar in your luggage) the beautiful and very on trend metallic shadows of RMS Beauty - Simply apply with your finger!

Adding a touch of colour to your face will help lift any tired and somewhat stressed skin. Cream blush negates the need for brushes and can also double up as an eyeshadow if necessary; Ilia Beauty Multistick and W3ll People Universalist Stick are great products for adding a flush of colour to the cheeks, lips and lids. If a powder blush is a must then choose a baked one such as alva Skincare Baked Rouge or Studio 78 Paris We Walk Blush; Baked Blushers are longer lasting and less likely to crack or break up in the pan.

Waterproof make-up is great for being long lasting and withstanding heat, sadly there are no organic mascaras (currently) on the market as a certain amount of not very organic chemicals are required to provide the waterproofing-ness. There are however some great natural mascaras available that fit the bill including the BWC Waterproof Mascara. If on the other hand you are playing the no make-up make-up card then try Jane Iredale's Clearbrow Fix & Mascara with its twin brushes or Lavera Organic Style & Care Gel.

No matter how low key you like your festival make-up, there is no need to feel you have to miss out on a bit of added adornment. Loose glitter can be a bit of a pain to apply and to carry around but if you are determined and willing to risk a spill or two then I recommend the Cosmetic Glitter from OCC. Alternatively you could get into the festival spirit and with a little flower power created using the Sante Organic Face paints.

If you are attending a festival this summer then have fun and if not, then have fun anyway - maybe some of these products may be worth a try regardless :)

Body Images: Laura Jane Sessions - Organic Make-up Artist

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