Friday, 18 July 2014

Let's Connect

We all need a little change from time to time...

After nearly three years I have decided it is time for a change and decided that my blog needed a little bit of a face lift. After a bit of fiddling I made some changes to it's appearance (which you may have spotted last week), this in turn highlighted a few technical issues with the Blogger templates which meant I had to reinstate the original format, so we are back where we began.

All this has been very frustrating, but it has sped up one or two other plans I had sitting on the back burner, so there will be substantial changes to come over the next few months. For now however I will just settle with a few minor tweaks...
All this technical juggling did nudge me into doing a few other things that I have been meaning to do for a while, such as opening Instagram and Pinterest accounts and considering my use of social media as a whole.

Face it!
I don't like Facebook. I never have and most likely never will. I do have a Facebook page however this is only updated from my Twitter feed and I very rarely look at it (apologies to anyone who tries to contact me in this way). I know that many people use it over most other forms of social media, however I have decided that it is not for me and as such I have taken the (admittedly difficult) decision to gradually withdraw from and then close my Facebook Page over the next couple of months. My apologies to those whom this may affect.

Tweet it!
On the flip side, I adore twitter and find it the most useful piece of social media. If you don't already follow me then you can find me @OrganicMUA - drop me a tweet and say hi and you are guaranteed to get a response :)

Pin it!
A little late to the party on this one, I recently opened a personal Pinterest account and have found it incredibly useful as I am in the process of renovating my garden, so with this I mind I opened one for this part of my life. I have box files full of cuttings, postcards and images that I have collected over the years which I still refer to when I need inspiration; this is just the next step on from that. Find me on Pinterest at OrganicMUA

Snap it!
I mulled over Instagram for quite some time, fearing it would be a little like Facebook, as yet I am still sitting on the fence but am giving it a go. If you aren't a Twitter fan but want to see some of the things that I get up to then check out my Instagram account - @organicmua

Hopefully I have most bases covered with all this. Do get in touch and say hi, it would be a pleasure to meet you.

Now, back to the make-up...

Main Image: The Whisper by Andre Wallace (1984) - Central Library, Milton Keynes. Photographer Malcolm Campbell


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