Monday, 18 May 2015

Naturisimo Make-up Discovery Box

I feel that I'm jumping on a band wagon here but a few days ago I came across some posts on a couple of the blogs that I follow mentioning the Limited Edition Make-up Discovery Box from Naturisimo. Now this box had completely passed me by (despite almost constantly being on the Naturisimo website!) but as soon as I read about the box I had to pick one up.

The seven piece set contains a mixture of full and trial sized products and samples which at £9.95 is pretty good value. It contains...

Inika Organic Lip Tint in Candy (full size)
On first swatch I didn't like this colour one little bit; it shimmered and glimmered in a way I found cutesy. Applied to the lip and it is a different story. I didn't want to like it because I didn't like how it looked on my wrist but once it had sat on my lips for a few minutes my feelings changed. Fast forward a few applications and I think I may just grow to really like the slightly shimmering summer glow that this little peppermint scented stick leaves behind...

Bellapiere Kabuki Brush (full size)
It's a fact: A girl can never have enough make-up brushes... Despite being small and perfectly formed, this Kabubi is not for me as I am not particularly keen on the bristle texture or brush weight (I am very picky about my brushes), however it would make a great introductory brush for those making their first foray into mineral make-up so it's definitely a good inclusion in the box.

Jane Iredale Longest Lash Mascara in Black Ice (trial size)

I haven't actually tried this mascara before and having applied a few applications I am pretty impressed! My poker straight, slightly downward pointing lashes have been instantly curled and defined with the black (slightly dry) formula and the help of the large (non-spikey!) wand. I'm not sure if this mascara is always this dry (it could be my tube) but I will defiantely be giving it another go in the future.
Jane Iredale Just Kissed Lip and Cheek Stain in Forever Pink (trial size)
I was a little unimpressed when I opened this tube; an odd looking orangey shade with no personality whatsoever! On application it packs a previously invisible punch and you get (on me) a vibrant pinky stain that shows that appearances can be deceptive. I may not be rushing out to purchase a full size one but I will be giving this tube another go.

Green People Age Defy Moisturiser (sample)
You can never go wrong with a Green People Moisturiser. I have had a couple of sachets of this previously and have really liked the non-greasy texture. Out of the goodness of my heart I have given this sample to my mum so she can give it a go and see how she fairs.

Madara Tinting Fluid in Sunflower and Moonflower (samples)
Again my mum profited from my Discovery box purchase with these. I am a big fan of the Madara tinting fluids, if you haven't come across them then checkout my posts - here and here :)

According to the website, the box is currently out of stock however there is the option to be informed when it comes into the store so there may still be a opportunity to get your hands on it.

I do hope that Naturisimo continue to release these make-up discovery boxes from time to time. They are a fabulous way to try out new products and at such a great price point they are definitely worth a punt and if you don't like the contents these boxes would make for a great gift too!.

A shout out and thank you to Ana and Mayah for flagging this box up x

Images: Laura Jane Sessions - Organic Make-up Artist
Apologies for the quality. I've been away from my studio so these have been taken on the fly!

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