Monday, 29 August 2011

A little adventure..

Having worked as a Make-up Artist in many areas of the industry for over 14 years, I love every aspect of my work and the products and tools that I use. I have always had a passion for organic products and believe in the health benefits of chemical-free beauty.
Working in the cosmetics trade is traditionally not the most ethical or green industry in which to work. From animal testing to questionable ingredients, it is a multi-billion pound industry and there are huge numbers of (mostly) unquestioning consumers.

Throughout my career I have always chosen my products with care - conscious of the quality, integrity and overall 'feel' of anything I use and ensured that the choices I made have been the most ethical possible. Increasingly concerned by the use of nano-particles and synthetic chemicals (amongst many other things!) in so many cosmetics, I began to look at ways of introducing organic products to my make-up kit.