Monday, 30 January 2012

Lovely lips

Elysambre lipstick

One of the most important products in any Make-up Artist's kit is good quality lipcolour. Just one lipstick will enable you to produce a range of different looks, by simply adjusting the method of application and can be used to add colour elsewhere on the face, such as to the cheeks. 

Monday, 23 January 2012

Tinting fluid

Madara Tinting Fluid

I am not one for wearing foundation on a day to day basis (to be honest, I generally can't be bothered) however spring is still a long way off and I have been hankering for a little something to add a touch of colour to my dull winter skin and give me a healthier glow, so I reached for my Madara Tinting Fluid.

Monday, 16 January 2012

No More Nasty Nails

I started to write a post this week only to realise that I needed to provide a little background before I published it. I am not a Scientist but a Make-up Artist, however I do research products and their ingredients before I use them and in this case I decided that you needed to know a little background information too - before I published the original post. So here it is, slightly science-y (possibly) but hopefully informative.

When I began writing this blog, admittedly not long ago, I was determined that every single product I wrote about would be organic. That was the point. I have however, come unstuck on a couple of make-up kit mainstays that, having thought about it further, I would not be able to write about if this was the case (frustrating, especially so early on!). What it does lead me to realise is, that as with my kit, it is not possible at the moment to have an organic alternative to everything - the products and technologies are just not out there and sometimes I may have to rely on a natural alternative rather than organic one. So, although this blog will remain organic as far as possible, on occasion it may slightly stray into the realms of 'not-organic-but-nearly'.... this is one of those times.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Natural looking lashes

After a slight hiatus in my blog for one reason or another, 2012 brings a new batch of organic make-up postings.

Dr Hauschka Natural Mascara

I have always had problems finding a mascara I am happy with; too thick, too dry, debris and fallout and eye irritation are results that we have all faced whilst working our way through the myriad of tube mascaras on the shelves. 

Over time I will mention a few different organic mascaras in my blog, but I will start with this; one of my first discoveries on the road to 'make-up kit green-ness' was the Dr Hauschka Natural Mascara and I have been in love ever since.