Friday 17 October 2014

Love: Couleur Caramel Autumn/Winter 2014 Collection

Tonight I Love You is the beautiful new Autumn/Winter collection for 2014 from the french organic make-up line Couleur Caramel. I recently purchased the majority of the range (I didn't set out too; it just happened) and have completely fallen in love with it!
Combining classic beauty with a contemporary shades, Tonight I Love You is a sophisticated, elegant collection and has something for everyone.

Consisting of four limited edition eye shadows, a brow kit, blusher, mascara/liner pen, two glosses, two lipsticks and four nail polishes it is pretty immense for a clean collection; natural and organic lines don't normally release quite so many products released at any one time. 

I will have to break this down a little...

First the eyes:
  • Beige Glow (153)- a delicate yellow toned antique gold  with a hint of a sparkle
  • Glamour Pink (154) - a soft metallic bronze-rose pink with a very slight sparkle
  • Night Sky (155) - a beautiful deep, deep navy with a purple/blue iridescence 
  • Midnight Blue (156) - a rich shimmering deep blue
  • Mascara and Eyeliner Duo - Couleur Caramel's iconic black mascara and liquid liner in one; what more do you need? 
  • Eyebrow Kit - Perfect for brunettes and blondes, the brow kit is a fabulous addition to the range and contains three soft, velvety shades 
The cheeks:
  • Rose Amour blusher - a peach/pink tone with a soft gold sparkle
Now to the lips:
  • Natural Thrill - clear with a sparkle
  • Brown Emotion - a rich irrisecent chestnut
  • Kiss Red - a stunning soft pillar box red
  • Naturel Romatique - the perfect nude; not too pink and not too peach
There are also four nail polishes in the collection however these are not stocked in the UK.

The collection (with the exception of the nail polish) is available in the UK from


  1. Love the look of these :) off to have a browse!

    1. Hey Amber
      They are beautiful. Lovely shades.
      Let me know if you get anything :)
      L x